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Transport Facilities


The school runs its own transport fully in compliance with the latest RTO regulations laid by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

The school transport plies to and around areas like Alangayam, Tirupattur, Jadayanur, Kodumampalli, Vengalapuram. Majority of the students avail the facility.

The drivers are experienced and each van has a dedicated helper who helps the students to board the van.

Attendance is taken every day by teachers before the vans leave the school to ensure the safety of children.

Sports Facilities


Sports is an important part of Shepherds. We make sure children receive all the physical exercise they need for the growth, fitness, self-discipline and a body and mind that is ready for everything.

Currently the campus boasts of indoor games like table tennis, carrom and chess. Facilities of outdoor games like throw ball, skating, basket, ko-ko, karate, shuttle cock, volley ball, football and cricket are available.

Yoga and meditation are also given equal importance.

Our School students won Zone level Chess & Volley ball games.